Ethics & Standards

In some of my articles, I quote people I have interviewed. As a reader, you can assume that every word between quotation marks is what the speaker or writer said.

Other Sources
When I use facts gathered by another person or organization, I will attribute them according to Associated Press Style. Where possible, I will also link to my sources so that you can read/listen/view them for yourself.

I regularly have peers and editors review my work. I also verify concrete facts in my stories – people’s names, historical facts and other information.

If I find an error in my work, I will alert my readers at the bottom of the article post with an update. If you ever find an error (in spelling, factuality, etc.), please contact me.

In interviews, I will normally use full names for my interviewees. If a person’s safety and privacy are seriously compromised by sharing their full name—for example, in the case of a minor or a trafficking survivor requiring protection—I will use either a first name only or a pseudonym. I will always tell readers when I do so and will explain why.

I am not objective or unbiased. I care about adoption and foster care because I have worked with many children in the child welfare system and am interested in the subject. However, while I am not objective, I aim to use objective reporting methods. I avoid conflicts of interest. I seek to look at a variety of perspectives, some of which are contrary to my own. The focus of this blog is education and advocacy through telling true stories and analyzing current events – all through the lens of public relations.

Photography and Images
I have free use rights for the images on this blog, either because they were already accessible (such as free domain images) or because I obtained a license. Whenever possible, I have cited a link to the image source. Images without source links are my original photographs and designs.

Resources/recommendations I list are not endorsements. They are simply suggested readings for those interested in other issues related to adoption and foster care.

I encourage respectful discussion in the comments under each article. I maintain the right to remove comments that are inappropriate or disrepectful. Agreement, disagreement, ideas or questions are all welcome. I look forward to building community here.